World Gym Membership Agreement

Who should I talk to if I have a question about my membership? Fill out an online form today and our customer service team can help. You can also contact the front desk. Do I have a friend who wants to start? It`s great! Click here on this link –, and you can send it to us online! They will also be rewarded as soon as they join us. It is possible to use your Fitness World membership card for payment in our centers, including use to purchase products at ATMs and at the Fitness World reception. For more information on which products can be purchased and how much are limited, ask the staff of one of our centres. The amount limit for purchases on your membership card is set by Fitness World. Purchases made are added to their next invoice. If you have another payer, see. 2A and 6, it is not always possible to use your membership card to pay. If you lose your membership card and you are abused – for example to buy products – you are responsible for the loss as a payer or other payer until you have declared the lost membership card to Fitness World.

As a member, you must prove that you have declared your lost card should any doubts arise at a later stage. Fitness World reserves the right to permanently change membership requirements, fees and prices, including the price of your membership. Changes may occur in the situations listed below. All prices, fees or other are always available on our price page. Price and fee changes can occur in the following situations: The price of the member depends on the type of membership you like. If you want to have most of the freedoms to come and go, choose our monthly subscription. If you want to be in shape all year round, choose our annual subscription. The following terms and conditions apply to your Fitness World membership from January 15, 2018. All prices, fees or other are always available on our price page. We draw attention to the fact that there may be price and condition changes about it. 1A can find out more. Your Fitness World membership is personal to you and should not be used by others.

In case of abuse of your membership or member card, a fee will be charged, as written on our price page. To identify you as a member, an image of you is stored with your other personal data. If changes are made to your name, address, email address, phone number or other information you provided when you registered for membership, you should notify Fitness World immediately. As a member, you are responsible for the fact that Fitness World is always responsible for your correct personal data and email address. In addition to accepting these terms and conditions, you also accept the internal regulations, fitness World`s applicable rules regarding Fitness World`s privacy policy and also agree that you will receive information about changes in the terms of your membership by email. The terms and conditions apply to memberships that were created from 15 January 2018 and apply to all members from 1 March 2018. Can I transfer my membership to a friend? That`s for sure! Depending on your type of member, you can transfer your membership to a family member or friend. Please contact our team for more information.

If your bill is not paid on time, we will send you a reminder or reminder to the other payer. Fitness World will add a late fee depending on the current prices, which is visible on the price side of Fitness World.