What Is A Data Protection Agreement

☐ the subcontractor must be audited and inspected. The subcontractor must also provide the processing officer with all the information necessary to ensure that both parties comply with their article 28 obligations. 10.2 Current subcontractors for services are listed under www.sinch.com/data-protection-agreement/sub-processors/ (“subcontracting list”) and the client agrees and authorizes Sinch to have assigned these subcontractors to process personal data, as listed. The customer can www.sinch.com/data-protection-agreement/sub-processors/ find a mechanism to subscribe to notifications regarding new subcontractors for each applicable service to which the customer subscribes, and if the customer subscribes, Sinch will notify a new subprocessor (s) before allowing new subcontractors to process personal data related to the provision of the corresponding service. The client must comply with its obligations of protection, security and other obligations with respect to personal data prescribed by data protection requirements for those responsible for processing, by defining and maintaining a procedure for exercising the rights of persons whose personal data is processed by the client; processing the data collected lawfully and effectively and ensuring that the data is relevant and proportionate to the possibilities of use; Ensure compliance with the provisions of this authority by its staff or by third parties who access or use personal data on their behalf. The client acknowledges that he or she verifies and accepts CloudAccess.net`s separate privacy statement regarding the Services and will regularly check for changes and changes to the privacy policy. 8. Singapore In the event that the person in charge of the processing is based in Singapore, the following text is added to paragraph 4 of that authority: “The subcontractor will comply in due course with the instructions or decisions of a competent data protection and data protection authority. The subcontractor will provide the processing manager with the cooperation, assistance and information that the processing manager reasonably requires to meet his obligations under data protection legislation. “Technical and organizational measures” or toMs are measures to protect personal data from accidental or accidental destruction or accidental loss, tampering, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access. These include agreed security requirements and applicable safety guidelines, as well as updates, which are in effect at all times and are described in Schedule 1 of the technical and organisational measures relating to this data protection authority or the service agency or the specialisation of services; A subcontractor cannot support the services of a subprocessor without the express or written prior written permission of the processor. When authorization is granted, the subcontractor must enter into a contract with the subcontractor.

The contractual terms of Article 28, paragraph 3, must provide a level of protection for personal data equivalent to that of the contract between the processing manager and the subcontractor. Transformers are responsible for processing compliance with the subprocessings they use. The RGPD applies to both processing managers and subcontractors based in the EU (for example. B through EU legal entities), but also for all processors who are not established in the EU, where processing activities are linked either to the provision of goods or services to the persons concerned in the EU (whether payment is necessary) or to monitoring the behaviour of persons to the extent that such behaviour takes place in the EU.