Validation Vs Agreement

Validating their thoughts and emotions will be a way for them to gain acceptance and build on your trust as an educator. In my humble opinion, I think we all need validation and will thrive. It is a form of love and care. Our students need encouragement and their validation will help to become independent in their learning process. It will also help them find their voice. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to students and show respect. Thank you again. But I think you have a point. Low-level validation may seem dishonest. If you just say, “It must have been horrible, I can understand why you`re angry!” and not tell the rest of the story (if you`re really provoked enough by it), I think your communication is misleading. Some people use it tactically to make the person feel safe enough to open up to different perspectives. I find it problematic because people may feel betrayed if they think you validated them at level 5, and then later find out that you really thought they were. B self-centered, unfair and like a child.

This can make it very difficult for you to trust your validation in the future. That`s why I think at the lower levels of validation, it`s important to explain what you understand and what you don`t; That is, to be nuanced. This last point is not mentioned in the article and I think that this perspective is lacking in many professional texts. The right answer is either to leave or, if the situation requires it, to deal with the behavior in a calm, fair but firm manner.. . . .