Sale And Purchase Agreement Horse

If you`re sure this is the horse you want, then it`s time to negotiate a price. Put it in writing as soon as an agreement has been reached. You should also make a bona faith deposit to show that you are serious about the purchase. If you do not intend to consult a lawyer on a contract when buying or selling a horse, protect yourself by writing a simple and enforceable contract covering the essential points of the sales contract. Here`s what it should contain. Whenever you plan to sell, buy or transfer a horse from one person to another, you need a list of horse sales. This sales document is important to describe in detail everything related to the purchase and transfer. 9. Lawyer`s fees. In the event of an argument over a horse sale, lawyers will likely be involved.

A common contractual provision for this possibility is that the loser pays the winner`s attorney`s fees in connection with a dispute. (While the courts are not required to enforce such a provision, it does improve your chances of recovering certain expenses if legal action is decided in your favor.) This agreement will be given on the day of ___ 20__ Be careful with sellers who might try to hide the actual state of health of a horse with steroids and other pharmaceutical tricks. 2. Identify the horse. Indicate name, age, colour, trademarks, race, registration number (if applicable) and other distinguishing signs. Also add any special appointments; For example, if the buyer says the Futurity horse is nominated, and indicate whether the horse is bred, sold with a breeding or with a foal. 7. Pre-emption control. If the buyer chooses not to conduct the pre-emption examination, add a note to the contract stating that the buyer has refused to have a pre-emption check performed on the horse. This documentation helps protect the seller if the untested horse becomes paralyzed shortly after the sale, unless it can be proven that the seller lied by answering direct questions about strength.

Once everything is written down and the price is paid, all you have left is a notary public to make it official and ensure the sale against potential fraud. You can usually find a notary public at your local or departmental offices. Congratulations, you are the new owner of a horse! You should see the horse a few times to make sure it is healthy and the right fit for you.