Paddy Kielty Good Friday Agreement

It would also extend the transition period provided for in the previously negotiated Withdrawal Agreement until the end of 2021. Enlargement should give additional time to agree on a new trade relationship. Of course, a special status for Northern Ireland would mean a kind of “dreaded backstop” (pause, pearl clutch, suite), but if a country has more than 300 land border crossings and only five main ports to the mainland, where would you prefer to try to do the dreaded paperwork?` And let`s be honest, any customs check that can take place in the middle of the Irish Sea, while a truck driver absorbs a roast on the ferry and then sleeps in his bunk, must be a good thing. Keywords of Brexiteer`s anger. “Don`t you understand that Northern Ireland will then become a regulation and not a balancing act?!” Indeed, it seems to be about regulation – because the Stormont assembly, which was supposed to set rules for Northern Ireland, has been in mothballs since 2016, because the DUP withdrew from a deal with Sinn Féin to restore power-sharing. So we reached the mountain of grease in the sewers of the principle. We are told that the DUP has the government on a barrel of pork, and if the backstop does not work, it will crash the house. But when time is of the essence, it was actually the conservatives who surrounded the political wing of the Old Testament. This is not decided by votes from Sinn Féin or the DUP, but by the moderates in the centre – the nationalists who once considered quite Irish after the Good Friday Agreement, and the pro-European unionists who asked for Irish passports. The inevitable economic slowdown and the border circus of a hard Brexit could be enough to get these floating voters and Northern Ireland out of the Union. So why does a member of the Conservative and Unionist Party take this risk? Whatever they say in public, they never honestly believed belfast was like Finchley.

Even at this late stage, the unanswered question remains – how can you regain control of your borders if the only land border you have cannot be put back in place? The fact that more than 70% of the population of Northern Ireland voted to give up control of this border on the Good Friday Agreement so that they could live in peace is totally ignored. While the agreement brought the potential for a new society that, after decades of conflict, was built on peace and reconciliation, it also meant that those convicted of his father`s death would be released from prison. . . .