No Smoking Clause In Lease Agreement Bc

It is stressed that this choice applied to the employment situation. In a housing situation, it is very likely that a non-smoking policy will prove justified to protect the health of other tenants. For a whole portfolio of BC rental forms, including a solid 20-point addendum, a list of cleaning checks, a supply contract, and a pet contract, check out our amazing section of rental forms. I understand that you cannot unilaterally add a new restriction to your rental agreement, but you can add it as a clause to the new lease if/if you extend. It should be emphasized that these rights are not absolute and are limited by the right to silent joy of neighboring tenants. While a tenant who smokes chooses to accept the risks associated with smoking, he/she has no right to require other people in the building to participate in those risks. Edit 2: This means: “Any lease that does not contain a non-smoking clause or that authorizes smoking is considered authorized to smoke marijuana.” I think that will be a question that MANY Canadians will have in the coming weeks. Yes. In March 2008, the Tobacco Control Act was amended in BC to prohibit smoking in all indoor spaces and public places, including those residential and condominium areas: under the Tobacco Control Act, owners are responsible for enforcing the provincial smoking ban in public spaces and entrances to multi-family buildings. “Bans smoking and vaping cannabis wherever tobacco and steam are prohibited, as well as in playgrounds, sports fields, skateparks and other places where children often congrent.” Yes. Landlords have the right to introduce a no-smoking clause in all new rental agreements to ban smoking in individual units, outdoor balconies and terraces or in any residential property area. This is no different from a no-pets or no barbecue policy.

It should be noted that while existing tenants must be exempted from a no-smoking policy, the ability to smoke for grandfather tenants is not absolute. If it can be shown that passive smoking of grandfather`s units frequently and continuously enters neighboring units and seriously impairs their quiet enjoyment, the owners have a responsibility to remedy the situation. (See tenants` rights) James Repace, an internationally recognized passive smoking physicist, performed a tobacco smoke control for ASHRAE.. . . .