Green Book Collective Agreement

Green Book – Includes NJC employees, who are the majority of local government staff, including school support staff, and are best described as those who do not fall into other categories. Today, local authorities have the power to negotiate a number of trade terms separately, so nycc also has a local collective agreement with Unison. The national agreement on the remuneration and conditions of local government services. NYCC Collective Agreement – NJC, Soulbury and JNC – 2018/2019 Blue Book (School Teachers Pay and Conditions document) – This document is not a collective agreement, but covers legal requirements for all teachers, including compensation. It is updated every year. This agreement contains full and up-to-date details of the National Joint Council of Local Administrative Services (NJC). The Green Paper, known as the Single Agreement, covers the remuneration and conditions of 1.4 million local government employees, from architects to school catering staff, cleaning staff and lawyers. These agreements are also used to determine the remuneration and conditions of local authority staff. There are a number of national collective agreements that cover the different types of municipal service workers. These are called “books,” which are regularly updated, and are called by color as follows: – Fixed Term Contract Guidance for Schools and Academies.

. Implementation of Working Time Adjustments – Actions for Schools The Green Paper is available for full download from local authorities and Employer-Link subscribers. Staff members of local authorities and subscriber organisations must register on the website to access it. Phone: 020 7664 3000 E-mail: Link Website Orange Book – Covers Professor in NYCC residential establishments has entered into formal agreements for calculating wages and leave for part-time workers. These will come into force on 1 September 2020 for support staff in schools and will be based on the principles set out in the nationally agreed Green Paper. These rules and some additional resources are available below to help schools communicate and incorporate the changes: the “Green Paper” has been updated and we have published a version that shows all the changes of track, the other not. Book of Burgundy – Covers the non-legal conditions of teachers, both those who work in schools and those who are employed centrally.